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1883 - 1944



Mahakavi Kunnumpurathu V. Simon (1883 - 1944) was a Christian poet writing in Malayalam. He was also a musician, teacher, poet, reformer, writer, Bible scholar, and debater. The title Mahakavi (Dean of Poets) was conferred on him by the Sahitya Parishad (Academy of Literature).


Simon composed around 300 songs which are extensively used in the Kerala Brethren Assemblies and other Christian groups. His malayalam song based on Psalm 134 can be and many times is sung as a blessing given to a newly married couple at a Malayalee Christian marriage ceremony. He was also literate in Sanskrit and English with a working knowledge of Greek and Hebrew.Born in Kerala, India,. Simon was an unusually gifted prodigy, becoming a schoolteacher at the age of 13. As a teacher of the Bible, many were converted to Christianity through his Bible classes. During the visit  of Tamil David to Travancore in 1895, Simon was saved in a convention meeting. Then he was 12 years of age. After coming across a booklet on believer's baptism and as a result of reading and studying the subject, Simon was convinced of the need for believers baptism, and obeyed the Lord in baptism when he was 20 Years old. This step brought him into conflict with those at home and in his denominational church for which he had to suffer much on this account. Mr. Simon was dismissed from his teaching job. As no other teachers were willing to take up the position compulsorily vacated, the church authorities re-installed Simon. He continued there for a year more and then resigned to give his full time to preaching and teaching the word of God. Although excommunicated from the church, he had many opportunities to preach the word. Organizing Bible classes, conducting open air preaching among youth and Sunday school, and similar activities were carried on for several years. Many were brought to the Lord through this work. Through preaching and writing, Mr. Simon confirmed the teachings related to New Testament Church. More than thirty assemblies were established in this way. Though they were held for some years as a 'separatist' group, later these assemblies came into full fellowship with the assemblies of the brethren in this area. He entered his eternal home at the beginning of 1944.